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My Experience on creating an Online Course in

Udemy is an excellent platform for trainers from any background. We can either teach for free or get paid from the enrolled students. A typical online course can be from 1 hour to 2 hours. The course will be divided into few modules. Once we create a teacher account in, Udemy will guide us with step by step instructions on how to create our online course. They also motivate us to have our first course on their platform.

Udemy also has an active facebook group which they call as Udemy Studio. Udemy studio is a great place to get information about anything you want to know. Just ask your questions and you will get the answers.

The course primerily consists of videos. The video quality is very important. It has to be at least HD which is also known as 720p. 720p means the video will have 720 horizontal lines. The front facing camera of the iphone is a great example for recording HD videos. I shot my talking head videos in a professional studio. All other videos of mine are screen captures of the software that I was teaching. It’s better to let some sunlight come through the window which will greatly improve the lighting if you are planning to have the talking head video recorded inside the house.

My first course in Udemy is named “Introduction to Autodesk Maya 2016”

The course has 6 modules (sections) 21 lectures and 2 hours of total duration. It is a beginner's level free course. The course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn 3D Animation for the first time. The course starts by introducing Autodesk Maya software and gradually creating 3D objects inside the software.

At the end of the course the student will be able to create their own 3D scene, light up and render an image. This course is totally suitable even if the students are working on the latest version of Maya which is 2024. Maybe they need to look for a couple of tools in different places.

As of today, the course has close to 14304 students enrolled in this course. I am glad that I am able to teach 14304 students from 147 countries and give them the teast of 3D Animation.

If you need any help in creating online courses please feel free to contact me at


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